The Story of Ruby Bridges:)

When Ruby Bridges went to    William  Frantz Elementary she was only six years old. She wanted to go to  William   Frantz Elementary School and   William   Frantz was an all white school. Before she moved to New Orleans she attended a school called Jonhson Lockett Elementary School Mississippi. The year she moved to New Orleans was in 1960 during the Civil Rights Movement. The Civil Rights Movement was when African Americans are treated differently from Whites. Ruby Bridges went to an all white school because she and find other kids in her class passed a big test and she is allowed to go to   William  Frantz Elementary School if she wanted  to go. One the first day the police took Ruby and her mother to   William  Frantz Elementry school. When Ruby got to school everyone was running at her yelling whites only.  Parents  are concerned about about Ruby's arrival so they take their children and went home. Everybody Protest outside the school until Ruby leaves but no matter what happens Ruby still went  to school.