The Story of Ruby Bridges:)

The story of Ruby Bridges is about Ruby, an African American moving to New Orleans and getting offered a better education by going to an all white school that gets more funding and better more educated teachers.  On a day in 1960 Ruby Bridge's family decided to let her to go to an all black school in after she got a call to take a very hard test.  She did pass the test but her dad lost her job because his boss didn't like the fact that his child was going to an all white school.  She was also tantalized by white parents and children her age even.  She was going through such a stressful life that a psycologist confronted her and asked if he could help her and council her. She was so little that at first she didn't understand why all those people were so mad.  After a while when she got older she understood why but was angry because it was just because she was a different color than the rest of them.  The other kids even had different teachers.